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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Brouchers for our most popular ranges are listed below ,just click on the picture of the range you would like a brouchers for .

Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.


When the essence of clean design, meets attention to detail.

Simple elements, that join with instinctive naturalness.

Materials that communicate with each other, creating beautiful workstations.


Frezza Pop Easy Office Furniture for operative spaces and professional environments, distinguished for functionality and practicality


Frezza’s Pop Panel is a response to the market’s requirement for a smart, functional, cost-effective, essential office system. Whilst simple, Pop Panel is still imbued with Frezza’s eye for design and quality, and offers the customer a wide range of personalisation , free-standing and supporting cupboards and bookcases, a variety of finishes, and a 3-week lead time.



We provide the Outline, you do the rest

Step away from traditional desking and display with

Outline by Bisley – the beautiful office frame that lets

you fill in the details. Ideal for establishing a distinctive

workspace with a personal touch, Outline helps you

shape your environment for a sleek minimalist look, so

you can focus and stay on top of your workload in style



Electric sit stand workstation which has been designed to instantly convert most desks into a sit stand workspace. The product is quick and easy to assemble and provides a generous working surface that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.


Suas sit stand desks


Vega’s modern styling, tailored upholstery and stitch detail make this an attractive and durable task chair for all environments. A choice of mechanisms and options allow this chair to be specified to suit any user


Ergo 3​

A range that provides clients with a tailor-made ergonomic seating solution.

Choose from 1 of 3 ergonomic backrests before opting for 1 of 3 seat sizes. A plethora of additional support options can then be added, including inflatable supports and coccyx relief technology

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