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Sit Stand Desks

Showrooms Open

Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday 9am to 4.30pm

(open through lunchtime everyday)

Pictured below are some of the New & Used Sit Stand Desks we sell. We have a range to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Please call or stop by for more information on our desks.

Is 'Sitting The New Smoking ?'


Suas: Twin Motor, 3 stage frame , Height Adjustable Desks

**In Stock and on display in our showroom**

Desk top available in a wide range of sizes from

110cm x 70cm up to 180cm x 80cm.

Electrically height adjustable from 680mm up to 1270mm high.

Features a touch sensitive control panel with 2 automatic memory settings.

Choice of top finishes.

From €525 + vat - including delivery and assembly in the Dublin area during normal office hours.


Vildika height adjustable desk

1600 x 800mm x 25mm top, selected finish with 2mm abs edge detail. (other sizes also available)

Electrically height adjustable 680mm to 1150mm

Includes double motor,

collision brake, controls etc

Cable trays included

IN STOCK IN WHITE from €595 + vat


Frezza Pop AD

Pop AD is a desk system that combines functionality and ergonomics by adapting technology to the physical needs of each person. The integrated sit-stand system makes it possible to move from a sitting position to a standing position during work, promoting the well-being and satisfying the flexibility people needs of modern working environments


Active Electric Sit Stand Workstation

Active is and electric sit stand station which has been designed to instantly convert most desks into a sit stand workspace.The product is quick and easy to assemble and provides a generous working surface that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

used electric sit stand desk.jpg

Used Sit Stand Desk

100cm x 70cm electric height adjustable sit

stand desk with light grey mfc top , black twin motor frame and memory settings 

€ 245 + vat (quantity in stock)


Vildika height adjustable desk

Vildika double height adjustable bench desk

1600 x 800mm x 25mm top, selected finish with 2mm abs edge detail.

Electrically height adjustable 680mm to 1200mm

Includes motor, controls etc

Cable trays included

. Automatic collision brake included

. 120kg loading per side

In Stock in White


New Electric Sit Stand Desks

Electric Sit Stand Desks combine the need for efficient use of space in the workplace, with the requirement to provide a healthy, flexible and more productive environment.

By providing your workforce with the ability to alter their working dynamics, Electric Sit Stand Desks enable staff to enjoy the health and posture benefits of setting their own workstation at a height that is comfortable, without disrupting the work-flow of adjoining desks or staff members.



Ingeniously designed versatile stool for Sit/Stand and wherever a flexible seating position is required. Positive angled central column rocks and tilts for ergo action.

  • Distinctive positive angled design
  • Grab handle & kicker back support
  • Dual arm foot stability
  • Extra length gas lift
  • Pivoting rocking feature
  • Softly upholstered cushioned seat

Spiral cable spine

Spiral is quick and easy installation and has a large cable carrying capacity. The spiral design allows the product to

expand to cover a range of desk heights

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